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What is EduHup ?

Our Mission

We believe the pursuit of education is a fundamental human right for those seeking to reach their potential and fulfill their God-given purpose.

EduHup is dedicated to ensuring access to education opportunities by facilitating a connection between stakeholders at a minimal cost.

What is EduHup?

EduHup is an online marketplace for the international education community where students who want to study abroad at private high schools, schools seeking to recruit international students, student service agencies, and host families can go to find and connect with each other.

EduHup exists to simplify and streamline processes associated with government paperwork, school applications, and searching for compatible partners. Our focus on efficiency through intuitive and automated systems make searching for contacts quick and easy.

Make your work easier with just 1 Application + 1 Interview

EduHup lets you apply to high schools overseas with just 1 application form and interview. You no longer have to complete multiple applications and interviews for every school to which you apply. Start your EduHup journey and learn how we can simplify your application process.

Our SmartSuite of search, match, and application features is designed to ensure quality results with utmost efficiency. EduHup provides consultation services for those who need help, and direct access for those who don’t. Our mission is to assist everyone in the EduHup community to find their best options and make the best choices. We’re committed to doing this with the utmost precision, transparency, and integrity. Reducing operational overhead for associates translates to diminished expenses for education consumers. Our model of efficiency brings great possibilities to students around the world who have limited resources.

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