10 Great Reasons to Study Abroad in High School

Written By Sally Forsyth

Do you dream about traveling and visiting other countries? Do you want to experience living in a different culture and learning in a totally different school environment?

Have you ever wondered how other students learn in other high schools? Can you imagine yourself studying in a different school? What would it be like and how would it benefit you? Studying abroad in a US high school is an AMAZING experience! It will also benefit you in a myriad of different ways. Let's have a look at some of them. Here are 10 great reasons to study abroad in high school.

1. Improving your English

Spending some time studying in a US High school is going to see your English improve by leaps and bounds! You will be practicing speaking English to your classmates and your host family, so your verbal English will naturally improve. Your written academic English is also going to progress amazingly as all your subjects will be taught in English, and all your assignments, projects and homework will have to be submitted in English as well. This means it will be a total immersion experience for you as far as language learning is concerned. This will be a great advantage for studying in US universities and for your future career. 

2. Looks impressive on your college application

  US universities look for students who stand out from the crowd, those who have done something different and lived different experiences.Therefore, the fact that you have spent time living in the US and studying at a US High school will greatly strengthen your college application. It will show them that you know how to adapt to a new culture and, especially, that you are familiar with the American ways of life.

3. Visiting local universities and experiencing campus life

Studying in a US high school will give you opportunities to connect with universities in your area or within traveling distance. You will be able to talk to their representatives and visit and explore their campuses. This will be helpful for you to get an idea of what it would be like to study in that particular university or school. Also, by visiting the campus, you will get a sense of what it would feel like to study there, and if it would be the right fit for you after graduating high school.

4. Making new friends

 What is going to be the best thing about studying abroad?

 All the new friends you are going to make! 

 When you get to your new school, you will have the opportunity to create new friendships with people from diverse backgrounds and interests. You will find that students in US high schools are really friendly, open, and interested in your background and culture.  It will be such a great feeling having so many new friends!

5. Broaden your mind   - get exposed to a different culture and lifestyle

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to really widen your knowledge about different places, cultures, and lifestyles. The US has a lot of diversity, and individual expression is also a really important part of the culture. This means you will be immersed in a diverse community with unique points of views and perspectives, perhaps different from your own.  As a result, this will strengthen your ability to be open-minded, tolerant and think outside the box.

6. Opportunities to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities

US high schools offer all kinds of extracurricular activities where you may get involved, which will also help you develop skills like teamwork, hard work and communication skills.  They may have an academic focus like SAT preparation classes or math support, or there may be drama, art or film clubs, and let's not forget about joining the school band!

There will also be loads of extracurricular sports to get involved with, too, such as soccer, basketball and wrestling. Activities like Model United Nations and student government will also help you develop your leadership skills. Any involvement in extracurricular clubs and activities will give a fantastic boost to your college application, as well when you start applying to university!

7. College counseling

 U.S high schools will also offer you amazing support to help you prepare your university applications and to decide what career you may want to study at the college level, and which universities would be the best suited for your needs. U.S high schools have college counselors who will meet with you to listen to your dreams and goals about college and help make a plan for you to achieve that dream!

8. SAT preparation and AP classes

US high schools will also offer you support to prepare for the SAT, needed for most US university applications. You may also have the option of taking advanced placement classes. Advanced Placement classes are at a more advanced level than regular classes. They will help strengthen your application for college and may also improve your GPA (grade point average).

9 Enjoy new experiences!

While you are studying at a US high school, you will be able to have loads of amazing experiences outside of school, too.  Take the time to experience food you have not tried before, and maybe even try to travel to other parts of the country while you are there, to experience new locations. Just as different regions of your home country likely have unique features, so, too, will you find differences in varied US locales

You may also experience a different climate from your home country. such as a cold winter climate, or totally contrasting experiences in nature from home. While in the US, you can try winter sports or explore the local national parks and historic sites.

Create memorable experiences you will remember for a lifetime!

10. Learning in new ways

Studying abroad will mean you may have to step outside your comfort zone and be open to learning in different ways.

This is a real opportunity for your personal growth and for your academic progress. In school, you may find that you have to learn in different ways than what you are used to, as teachers may use unique strategies and techniques which stretch you to acquire knowledge differently.

 You will also be learning about an unknown culture and a variety of lifestyles unique to that culture, However, all of this learning will make you a much more well-rounded individual with an expanded worldview!

So, you can now clearly see that studying abroad is going to bring you immense benefits which will stay with you for the rest of your life.


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About the author

Sally Forsyth is a High school English teacher and an educational coach. She has worked in national and internatonal schools in different countries and different school systems, She is also the founder of CoachMyFuture, a coaching organization focusing on coaching teachers and educators in the educational sector.

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