How Much Do You Pay for EduHup?

Written By Maryam DiMauro

Student and Host Family Pricing Structure

You can apply to your dream school completely free! You will be assigned an educational consultant who will help you through the application process!

There are certain fees that come with translation and visa and this price might vary so we recommend consulting with your local EduHup consultant on this. In order to secure the placement in the school of your choice once you are accepted, you must pay $5000 plus the $1650 insurance fee.  Total to pay is $6650 dollars.  After this, the school will issue the I-20. Once you receive the I-20 you will able to apply for the F1 visa once you pay the final total tuition. This will vary by the school of your choice.

Host Family Pricing

So, you have now been admitted to the school of your dreams congratulations! Now comes the fun part:  choosing your host family!

So how much will it cost you to find your ideal host family? The costs vary on what the host family is offering but in this article, we will explain all the easy steps you will take to get the best host family for you! When you go to the host family section of your profile, you will see all the host families that are available in your school location. Take a look at their pictures, food, and who they are as a family. If you like them, apply by paying a one-time booking fee to save your place for that host family, you will pay $2000 placement fee. This covers background check and visits to the host family and training. You can only apply to one Host Family at a time.  The host families will review and reply, and if you qualify you will have five days to pay the final balance.

This final balance includes:

Service Program Fee

  • Guardianship,
  • Emergency contacts
  • Airport Pickup
  • Program Managers, and Support,
  • Monthly Reports and Consultations with your parents and yourself locally in your own home country.

Academic year (10 months) Host Family Fee

This includes room and board and there are other options including types of meals you might want, transportation and laundry service which vary for host family and location.  

Your final balance for both schools and host families with us in EduHup is an incredible deal here is an example of our pricing structure :

This is more than 31% cheaper than what competitors offer and makes your schooling more affordable without compromising the quality of care!

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