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Welcome to the exciting world of International Student hosting with EduHup. Your journey to the joys of hosting begins with a step onto our recruiting and connecting platform where your profile awaits your creative and personal touch. Take a moment and view this brief introductory tutorial video from the EduHup Academy to get you started.





Hi my name is Ron Cressman, we have been hosting international students for the past 5 years and we usually have 2 teens at 1 time, i’m so honored that all of our students have come back to visit with us, one of the students stayed for over a week with us over christmas vac, we love hosting international students. It’s always a joy for us to learn different cultures. can’t wait to me our new students

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Mr. Walker is in his 8th year of working in the International Student industry on the heels of a 17 year career in government after deciding a career singing opera wasn’t an optimal choice. He and his wife, the lovely Susan, have been dedicated host parents to a multitude of students since 2011. Raising 4 daughters and 4 years of experience as a Program Manager for EduHup have uniquely prepared him to now serve as Training and Content Manager.

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