Summer Camps in Canada for International Students

Written By Trent Lorcher

Summer camps in Canada for international students looking to improve their English skills and prepare to study at a Canadian university abound in major Canadian cities, such as Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Summer Camps in Canada for International Students

We'll start by taking a look at the four major locations where top camps are located.


Tamwood Summer Camps in Montreal provide the option of learning French or English. Montreal is Canada's third largest city with a ton of attractions, events, and festivals. Tamwood's camps take place on the campus of Concordia University in downtown Montreal. Its proximity to the St. Lawrence River, Old Montreal, markets, museums, and other famous sites make it an ideal and attractive location for international campers.


Canada's largest city provides plenty of attractions, events, and festivals, making it a great summer camp location for studying English. Its closeness to Lake Ontario, Niagara Falls, Canada's Wonderland, and other famous sites makes it a great city for study and fun. Toronto's summer camps take place at the University of Toronto, Mississauga, located on 225 acres of protected greenbelt, making it a safe and attractive location for international students.


Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics and is considered one of North America's most beautiful cities. Two universities in Vancouver host great summer camps for international students. Simon Fraser University is located at the summit of Burnaby Mountain, overlooking the city. The Vancouver City Centre Campus puts students in the heart of downtown, but still close to the outdoor recreation that makes Vancouver so popular.


Just 120 kilometers from Vancouver, the Whistler campus serves as a famous ski and summer resort, in addition to hosting summer camps for international students. Besides studying and preparing for college, students at the Whistler summer camps enjoy hiking and cycling trails, a world-class mountain bike park, four fresh water lakes, and other world-class outdoor recreation facilities.

Summer Camps in Canada for International Students

Teen Global Learner Camp. The Tamwood Teen Global Learner Camp helps students through leadership training and activities as they gain important skills through English language classes and educational activities. Tamwood’s approach links the core subject of English to technology, leadership, the arts, sports, culture and outdoor education. Students between the ages of 13-17 are eligible. The Teen Global Learner Camp takes place in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Whistler.

English and Activity Camp for Juniors. Fun and education isn't limited to high school students. The English and Activity Camp for Juniors provides younger kids with a fun and educational experience in a safe environment. Students learn English and take part in local recreational and sight-seeing activities. This camp takes place in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Whistler.

Teen Outdoor Leadership Camp. The Teen Outdoor Leadership Camp is an English-learning experience disguised as an adventure camp. Students learn leadership, teamwork, personal responsibility, outdoor skills, and more. As students study English, they'll be learning how to kayak, rock climb, whitewater paddle, backpack, navigate and mountain bike. The Teen Outdoor Leadership Camp is located in Whistler, one of North America's top destinations for outdoor recreation year-round.

Teen Global French Camp. French is an official language in 29 countries throughout the world-- including the province of Quebec in Canada--and an important language for travel and global business. This customized program helps students develop essential skills as they study French and interact with French speakers. Planned activities include exploring Montreal and its many attractions.

French and Activity Camp. This program is similar to the Teen Global French Camp and is geared toward those under 13 years old. This program also takes place in Montreal and helps young students develop leadership and communication skills.

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