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Written By Sally Forsyth

The largest city in Canada, Toronto has all kinds of amazing sights and attractions for visitors as well as young people studying in the city. If you are an international student studying in Toronto, or even studying in a city on the East Coast like Boston, New York, Washington or Chicago, then this is a great place to visit! I really recommend checking out all the attractions on offer in this fabulous city!

Toronto is situated on the shores of Lake Ontario with a population of over 2 million. The great thing about Toronto is it is only an hour and a half by plane from New York, Washington and Chicago, and two hours from Boston. This makes it very accessible for students like you who are living in those cities. It is super easy to hop on a plane when you have a spring or fall break, or even a long weekend like Labor Day or Memorial Day in the US! Toronto has something for everyone! There are all kinds of outdoor activities as well as museums, shopping and a variety of fun attractions. Let's have a look at some of the top attractions in Toronto!

The CN Tower



The CN tower used to be the tallest building in the world and has only recently been overtaken by even taller buildings. This iconic tower was originally built as a radio and communication platform but has since become one of the most visited tourist attractions in Canada. The tower features several must-see attractions to visit!

How do you feel about heights? Test your nerve by visiting the world's first glass floor! This famous glass floor gives you amazing views of the ground below from a height of over 1,100 feet! You can lie on it, jump on it, sit on it but it will not break! A great place for really cool pictures! Another attraction at the CN tower is the incredible Edge Walk! Not for the faint of heart, this hands-free walk takes you on a circular walk around the main pod of the Tower. Visitors are attached to a harness which in turn is connected to a trolley and a safety rail. Don't worry it is perfectly safe! It will definitely test your limits though, as you go around the tower stretching your body out to see the totally incredible views of Toronto, Lake Ontario and beyond! The CN tower also has a restaurant and of course incredible views on all sides through its floor -to- floor glass walls. Make sure to include this attraction when you plan your trip.

Niagara Falls

If you are studying in Toronto or just coming to visit, you don't want to miss visiting  Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is a great day trip from Toronto. You can choose from a bus or a  train or take a tour with a tour guide who will pick you up directly from your home or hotel. These amazing falls were formed over 12,000 years ago and are now considered to be one of the most famous giant waterfalls in the world. This will be a fantastic place for selfies with your friends to send home to your families!

Everywhere you go at Niagara Falls you will have impressive views. Check out the Cave of the Winds where you go down into the actual Niagara gorge! Be prepared to get a little wet though, even if you are given a  free waterproof poncho!  You can also visit the Observation Tower for more breathtaking sights, and from there you can go on the famous Maid of the Mist tour boat where you will actually pass through part of the waterfalls and get a glimpse of the incredible rock formations.

You definitely want to create wonderful memories by visiting Niagara Falls!

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada


Back in Toronto, there are still many cool attractions to visit. Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in the center of Toronto is another must-see tourist attraction which you and your friends will enjoy! This aquarium is enormous and home to thousands of different species! You will find shark touch pools and jellyfish exhibits as well as live daily shows. There are all kinds of exhibits to explore in this aquarium which is one of the largest in Canada. Definitely worth a  visit!

Toronto Entertainment District

The Toronto Entertainment Center, which is similar to Broadway in New York City is right next to the Aquarium. Home to many different theatres like the Royal Alexandra Theater and the Princess of Wales Theatre, you will have a great choice of plays and musicals if you enjoy a show! This district is also the home of the TIFF Bell Lightbox which hosts the Toronto International Film Festival every year. Here you will find all sorts of movies from classic movies to more current films of all different genres. You will find something for everyone in this area plus there are loads of amazing restaurants you can visit with your friends as well! This is a great area to just walk around and explore!

Canada Wonderland

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Finally, a really cool attraction in the suburbs of Toronto is the Canada Wonderland amusement park. If you like thrills, excitement, and a major adrenaline rush, then this is a place you want to visit. This amusement park has 16 roller coasters with pretty amazing names such as Leviathan and the Mighty Canadian Minebuster! There are  all kinds of other rides too if you don't fancy a rollercoaster ride as well as games, shows and places to eat.

You can see that if you are studying in Toronto or just coming for a visit, you won't run out of things to do in this amazing Canadian city!



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