Things to See and Discover in Worcester

Written By Sally Forsyth

Are you an international student who is planning to study in Worcester, Massachusetts? Worcester is a popular location for international students studying in the US. Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing things to see and discover in Worcester!

Worcester is the second largest city in the state of Massachusetts, which is 40 miles from the state capital Boston. It is often referred to as the heart of the Commonwealth due to its central location. Did you know that Massachusetts is actually officially a commonwealth and not a state?

Worcester is home to many colleges and universities, so you will find there are lots of young people in the area. There is also a great variety of attractions and activities, so you won’t run out of things to do on the weekend or during vacation periods!

Let's have a look at some of the most popular attractions!


The Ecotarium is a science and nature museum, which has both indoor and outdoor attractions to visit. For those of you who love being outdoors experiencing nature, it has three wonderful nature trails to choose from. Each trail offers a different aspect of the typical New England habitat. There is a pond, which attracts lots of  amazing wildlife,  a Japanese pavilion and a beautiful New England meadow  filled with native plants and birds

The Ecotarium has different exhibits throughout the year, so you will always have something new to visit! It also offers different animal exhibits, some are in their natural habitats and others are in enclosures, who for various reasons are not able to go out in the wild. If you love animals, then the Ecotarium is definitely worth a visit!

 Also, don't forget to visit the amazing digital planetarium which uses images from NASA and the Hubble telescope to create a simulation of the solar system which is projected onto a dome. This is a must- see if you like astronomy!


Escape Games Worcester

Have you ever experienced an escape room?  An escape room is a game where the participants are locked into a room and are given a set of clues and puzzles. They must solve them before they can leave the room. Very often, the escape rooms have a different theme. The experience has been linked to a real life video game adventure, so for all you gamers out there Escape Games Worcester may be the attraction for you!!

Escape Games Worcester offers a choice of five different rooms, each one with a different theme depending on your interests and hobbies. This would be a really cool afternoon activity for you and your friends! You can choose from themed rooms like the Dreamscape room, Conspiracy room or the CSI room, each one with a distinct appeal.   Every game lasts 60 minutes, but don't worry you are not literally locked in! You can leave whenever you want! So, don't panic!

Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Green Hill Park

If you enjoy parks, then Green Hill Park is for you!  Consisting of four acres of beautiful woodland and green areas for all kinds of recreation activity, this is a great place to spend an afternoon. Located inside the four-acre park is the impressive Worcester Vietnam Veterans Memorial, dedicated to local soldiers who served in Vietnam. This memorial consists of a beautifully designed artistic stone monument. There are two main areas; the Place of Names and the Place of Words. The Place of Names shows the names of all those who died in combat and the Place of Words shows touching letters from soldiers during the war to their loved ones back home. If you are interested in history or architecture, then you will find this memorial fascinating!


Sports activities

If you are a sports fan or you want to learn about typical American sports like ice hockey, baseball and American football, then Worcester has plenty to offer. The local ice hockey team is the Worcester Trailers and there are plenty of games you can go watch during the winter hockey season. The Worcester American football team is called the Worcester Pirates, and you can easily plan to watch a game during your stay in Worcester. If you are not sure of the rules of American football, check out their website for a simple explanation.  It is quite confusing if you have never watched a game!


Finally, if you like baseball you can catch a game of the local collegiate team the Worcester Bravehearts. They only play in the summer months at the local baseball field Fitton Park. This would be a great opportunity to go watch a typical American sport, grab a hot dog from the hotdog stand and just enjoy the experience!



If you are going to study in the Worcester area, be sure to check out the shopping centers. Blackstone Valley mall is located 6 miles from Worcester Center, and has a huge variety of stores for you to choose from. As well as the stores there is a cinema and different restaurants, so on a cold winter weekend this might be a great place to go hang out with your friends!

For a different shopping experience, try The Crompton Collective. Set in an old mill building in the canal district in the historic area of Worcester, this shopping center has all kinds of unique stores and eateries. Here you can find local handicrafts and gifts as well as quaint antique shops. The focus here is definitely on locally made goods, and there is definitely something for everyone here. It might be a great place to find gifts for your friends and family back home!

The great news is that Worcester offers all kinds of activities for you during your stay. I am confident you will find it is a great choice for your stay in the US. as an international student!

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Sally Forsyth is a High school English teacher and an educational coach. She has worked in national and internatonal schools in different countries and different school systems, She is also the founder of CoachMyFuture, a coaching organization focusing on coaching teachers and educators in the educational sector.

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