Tips on Starting an Education Agency

Written By Maryam DiMauro

First Things First : Market Research

So, you’ve decided to become an education agency. Congratulations! Your first goal should be to establish brand identity. But, before getting started, you must ponder some critical questions, like determining a budget and how many employees are needed. Market research therefore becomes your due diligence. How competitive is your market? Where are the students headed and what is their budget? Realistically, how easy would it be to find clients? How hard is the visa process? What are they key countries in which they want to study? What are the goals your prospective clients might have? EduHup gives you some great resources to help you start out. Also, partnering with ICEF and other like-minded organizations will set you on a road to create better expertise.

1.Understanding the Educational Market

Do you know all the steps it takes for a study-to-study abroad program in a high school? Do you know the local process of getting a visa? Have you considered how much money a student will need. Not to worry!  We have loads of resources to help you, as well as our local support staff who can give key advice.
Tip: Make sure you take an ICEF certified course which will help you become prepared.

2. Are you an Outlier?

Before you start your digital marketing strategy, you should look at your outlier/networking capability. Who do you personally know that might be interested in studying abroad? How good are your networking skills?

You might be surprised to find that by reaching out to local schools, job fairs, conferences or other places, you might just find your ideal student.
EduHup also makes this an easy one step process, since with a click of a button you can access tons of students who need your help!  We make it easy for you to also contact schools and start an ongoing relationship with them as well.

3. Establishing your social media and internet roadmap
Once you have established your market research, you should try to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You do have a huge advantage in that, if you are a small agency, your costs will be a lot smaller and therefore you can afford to start with just a few clients.  

Unlike small item marketing, getting clients who are going to study in high school gives you a big ROI for a few clients.  Make sure you have a website that your clients can go to, or you can just use your EduHup profile. EduHup makes it easy to market yourself instantly to schools and students! Having a strong social media presence helps you establish yourself in the industry, so make sure you are using social media to convey the right message. Once you have clients, they can give vital testimonials to give value and credibility.

4. Finding the Right Staff

You might not need a lot of staff starting up, but you should partner with key people that have skills you might not possess.

5. A Liter of Milk Makes a Drop of Cream

Remember, it takes a liter of milk to make a little cream, so make sure you have as many possible clients as you can. In the educational market, only 20% convert to paid customers. The more promotion you do, the more likely they will be converted to customers.

6. Membership and Alliances

Once you have become certified, you can seek your local or regional memberships that allow for legitimate partnerships. It’s entirely possible that you might find like minded agencies and memberships.

7. Transparency, Honesty and Integrity

You might feel compelled to try and get students with dishonest approaches, but the way to thrive long term is to be transparent and honest. Don’t offer the students things that you can’t deliver, and make sure you are upfront about the price.

8. Take Advantage of EduHup!
EduHup has more than 1000 US high schools, 35 summer programs, 70 UK high schools and 50 Canadian high schools connected in its database. Make sure you reach out to them and introduce yourself! Make your profile stand out! Have lots of pictures and interactions.  EduHup allows you to do a lot of things mentioned in a quick and easy step! You don’t have to look for high schools or summer programs - EduHup does this all for you!


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