Top 10 Scholarship Websites for International Students

Written By Trent Lorcher

A major concern when planning to study abroad is cost. Once you are in high school you might also be concerned about scholarships for an American College.  Fortunately, there are scholarships available. Before we take a look at the top 10 websites for finding study abroad scholarships, let's check out types of scholarships you can search for.

Merit-Based Scholarships. If you've been a super student throughout high school and achieved high marks in your classes, you may be eligible for a merit-based scholarship. All schools want smart, hard-working students, and they'll give you a scholarship if you're one of them.

Student-Specific Scholarships. Organizations offer scholarships based on personal characteristics--gender, race, family, medical history and other student-specific factors. The most common factor in student-specific scholarships is ethnicity.

Destination-Specific Scholarships. It's not uncommon for organizations to grant scholarships based on where you study. Once you've narrowed your list of locations down, start looking for scholarships specifically for that destination.

Subject-Specific Scholarships. Schools sometimes grant scholarships based on your enrollment in certain subjects. If there's something you're interested in studying during your study abroad experience, find out if your chosen school offers scholarships to study it.

Program-Specific Scholarships. This type of scholarship is closely related to subject-specific scholarships, inasmuch as schools are looking to fill specific programs that encompass a specific group of core classes.

10 Best Scholarship Sites for Study Abroad Students

EPro 360. Epro's knowledge of the American educational system provides resources and scholarship opportunities for international students who want to study in the United States. Unlike most scholarship services, EPro 360 targets international high school students in addition to college students.

Scholarship Position. Scholarship Position categorizes scholarships based on where an international student wishes to study. Scholarships are available for domestic and international students wanting to study at top universities in the United States. With Fastweb, just enter your personal information and the site matches you with scholarship opportunities. Once you complete your profile, you'll have access to Fastweb's vast database of financial aid resources, including scholarships and part-time employment opportunities.  

Cappex. With complete profiles and scholarship information on every college in the United States, Cappex's direct connections with colleges finds custom fit scholarships and schools for students. Because many universities look to diversify its student population, college scholarships for international students are available. Many of these can be found on

College Week Live. Millions of students use College Week Live to receive expert advice on getting financial aid. College Week Live has tools to help you research and connect with colleges and universities and get expert advice on the financial aid and scholarship process.

Global Scholarships for International Students. In addition to linking international students with scholarships, Global Scholarships for International Students provides information on how to find affordable colleges and universities in the US and specific regions in the US.

College Board. The College Board specializes in helping students plan for college. It's one of the more reputable college preparation companies in the United States. Its BigFuture website helps students find information about universities and colleges. Its scholarship search tool matches students with scholarships, financial aid, and internships.

Niche. Finding the right scholarship often depends on finding the right niche. That's the premise behind Niche, which lists scholarships based on your profile, using categories like major, the state you wish to study in, or your nationality.

Use these online resources to help you in your search for study abroad scholarship. Before you dig in to the 10 best scholarship sites for study abroad students, don't forget to check for scholarship resources at your very own school or in your very own community.

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