Highlights of Premier Membership

EduHup is an innovative, online platform that connects thousands of schools and students from around the globe. Founded by International Education industry leaders, EduHup understands the complex process of studying abroad. EduHup provides much more affordable education to more families from different countries that did not have this access before. At EduHup, we believe that students across the world should have the chance to explore opportunities without barriers, and schools can meet students from countries across the globe including Mexico, Vietnam, South Korea and other Countries.

EduHup's goal is to foster and grow the International Education Market by providing an online solution to revolutionize the current model. This innovative platform benefits schools, who are looking to augment or kickstart their International Student Program, and students who have always dreamed of studying broad. As a Premier Member of EduHup utilizing our innovative matching technology, schools and students can now meet each other, opening possibilities that were not available before.

Highlights of Membership

1Find Students. Connect.

Our proprietary matching technology gives you the opportunity to meet our online student members based on your admissions criteria. You control your admissions criteria and the frequency of receiving applicants through your dashboard that you customize to suit your busy schedule. Whether you’re eager to meet hundreds of students waiting to apply at your school, or you want to be a bit more selective, you control the frequency from your dashboard.

  • Search by Country, Test Scores, Interests, Grade Level etc.
  • Make your student list relevant and manageable
  • Receive a daily push of students that match your admissions requirements

2Global Marketing Reach

The EduHup online platform also allows you a global reach. Without any additional marketing costs, you can search for students any place in the world. Are you interested in diversifying to countries you were not able to reach before? The EduHup online platform will allow you to send your school profile and a link to your website to students from all over the world.

  • You can also register for our Global Reach School "Spotlight."As you learn about all the benefits of being a Premier Member, you can also register for our “School Profile Spotlight” series that targets International Students directly.
  • Promote your school through “online” school fairs. No more high costs to travel overseas to be seen. EduHup’s global marketing reach will introduce you to school fairs you could not consider before and to students who are waiting to learn about you too!

3Admissions and Student Vetting Through EduVerify

EduVerify is EduHup’s exclusive educational assessment service that eases the workload of your International Admissions department while increasing the efficiency of your recruitment efforts. EduVerify does this by providing a comprehensive screening of prospective students to help schools make informed decisions.

  • Screen for English language and academic proficiency through a proven student interview process.
  • Identity verification guarantees authentic representation of the prospective student.
  • EduVerify will arrange for and schedule a student interview, which frees up valuable time in your Admissions Office.
  • A link to the recorded student interview will be provided to schools to review at a convenient time.
  • Transcripts and relevant documents are requested of the students and thoroughly reviewed.

With EduVerify, schools make better international admissions decisions.

4Beyond China (Vietnam and Mexico)

An evolving industry requires progressive thinking and more effective ways of engaging and recruiting international students. EduHup’s online platform allows your school to go beyond China and directly connect with students from Vietnam, Mexico, and other countries.

  • In order to facilitate online recruitment, EduHup maintains a personal touch with students and parents through our local support offices in Vietnam and Mexico.
  • Our US based Admissions staff is available to assist schools through the entire admissions process while recruiting globally.
  • Gain higher levels of trust and satisfaction with prospective parents through lower education costs, direct communication, and a transparent fee structure.

5Stay On Track With Your Dashboard

Your EduHup Dashboard provides a comprehensive at-a-glance view of all of your recruitment and admissions activities. Data visualization keeps you on track so that you can focus on the important things like getting to know prospective students and guiding them through the admissions process.

  • Control the amount and frequency with which you receive student profiles
  • Reach out only to students who meet your admissions criteria
  • Date stamp when you receive information and send decisions
  • Students will get an SMS message on their mobile phones when a school wants to meet them
  • Students can easily track which schools they sent their profile to, and when they are invited to send in an application

6Get Started with Your International Student Program

EduHup has students who have enrolled for free as members from all over the world. We have helped them complete their comprehensive profiles adding their academic and personal interests. Using our easy-to-use, proprietary search technology the EduHup online platform instantly returns schools to these students based on their interests. Many of these students may be candidates for your school, too.

  • Need help activating your SEVIS F-1 Visa Program? We can help you.
  • Connecting is easy: You can arrange interviews, request materials, and offer decisions directly.

7Building Your Profile

Marketing your school starts with getting your name out there! Do you have a school profile? An EduHup profile will allow for your school to be seen by more interested students.

  • We publish your professional school profile with admission information and requirements - We have a team who can help you build it and send it to you for final approval.
  • Your published profile on our platform will be searchable to thousands of our International Student members waiting to learn about your school.
  • We have made it seamless for you to enroll right now by clicking below and completing a short registration form to get started. Once enrolled you can login and return to your dashboard and take your time completing your school profile. We know how busy you may be, and our EduHup writers are standing by to help complete your profile, returned to you for final edits. It’s easy.

8Host Families

Once your International Students have enrolled at your school, loving Host Families are needed to provide a safe and welcoming home. The EduHup Development and Marketing teams will provide schools with consultation and transitional support to ensure your International Student Program is equipped with the right resources. Our 20 years of experience will guide you through building and taking ownership of both on and off campus oversight, and into an effective accountability relationship 93% of students stay with the same host family during the first year.

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