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EduHup has been caring for High School Students for over 20 years!

EduHup lets you apply to high schools overseas with just 1 application form and interview. You no longer have to complete multiple applications and interviews for every school to which you apply.

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EduHup cares for your children with mother’s touch!

EduHup has regional staff across the country that are always nearby incase there is an issue with the students or schools that needs solving. Our platform has a unique communication system which allows schools, host families, students, agencies, parents and our staff to seamlessly stay connected!

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What Our Customers Say

quote icon above quote text It was easy to use and we saved over $13,000 by using EduHup. We found a great host family just 10 minutes away from my kid’s school, and also the local staff responses are very efficient and helpful! — EduHup Parent

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Hi! These schools sound wonderful! Where can I get more information and contact the schools?
mdimauro (Staff)
If you sign up with an EduHup account you can gain access to these schools and much more with our Smart Search tool! You can view their profile which has amazing details about each school!
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