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Eduhup is an innovative online platform that connects students, schools, and host families from around the world. Maybe you’ve had this problem before. You’re facing enormous fees and lacking enough information about studying abroad, but you don’t know where else to go.

Our online service provides you with thousands of schools and host families that’s never been openly available ever before. The comprehensive profiles of all our schools and host families are completely free for you to browse. With over 20 years of experience, our dedicated field staff will provide your child the full support and resources they need to have a successful study abroad experience.Transparency, trust, consistency… this is the motto we stand by. Come join EduHup Today!

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EduHup lets you apply to international high schools abroad with just 1 application form and interview. You no longer have to complete multiple applications and interviews for every school to which you apply. Start your EduHup journey and learn how we can simplify your application process.

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What are The Benefits of Living with a Host Family?
Students who live in English-speaking host families learn English and adjust to their new culture fairly quickly.  They generally have a more positive studying abroad experience and have an easier time making friendships in the US and many other countries.
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What is the best way to choose a US host family once I am accepted?
gaojunbao711@163.com (Staff)
We suggest looking at how close the host family is to the school. The proximity of American homestays to schools suggests becomi... Read More
Do I Need An International Student Agency?
Depending on who you ask, agencies who manage international student care are either indispensable, a nuisance, or unnecessary – sometimes, all three. The perspectives which are important to sorting out this paradox are high schools, host families, and students.
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What services can the study agent provide?
jojo (Customer Service Representitive)
Generally speaking, the first service provided by the study agent for applicants is to understand the background and strength of... Read More
Reasons to Study abroad as a High School Student
The decision to study abroad is huge. The decision-making process is mind-boggling and complex. The list of practical and deeply personal concerns is overwhelming and exhausting, and there’s no shortage of voices providing advice and warnings. Most of them are helpful, and all of them do little to... READ MORE
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What are the advantages of studying in the US to high school?
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